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Milrich Associates, LLP has been serving clients since 2009. The company is based in Blanchard, Idaho with founders and owners Melanie and Benaiah Koerperich. Milrich Associates offers a variety of services at a low hourly rate. We take pride in being an American-based company providing Virtual services throughout the world, offering competitive hourly rates for exceptional work.

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“I’m so glad I finally took the step to hire Milrich Associates! I’d been thinking about starting a project for about 8 months. Milrich selected a VA with experience that perfectly fit my needs. I’m now months ahead and thinking about other business projects I could use a BOOST with!”

-Jodi Womack

“From the moment I reached out to Milrich Associates, I was impressed by their personalized customer service and quick turnaround time. My virtual assistant has been a tremendous help and I’ve also really appreciated their design services. I highly recommend them!”

– Allison M. Shapira

“This is my first time working with a Virtual Assistant and I am very pleased. Angela is very responsive and terrific to work with. Keep up the great work.”

– Ian M.

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